Boost earnings through your
AI clone

Create an AI version of yourself, using your personality, brand, and content library that fans will love, and generate passive income for yourself with minimal involvement.

Jim, I've been thinking about you all day. How are you?
Would have been better with you... I'd love to see you right now...
I just sent you a little something to keep you company 😉
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Image and video sharing

The world’s first AI companions with smart content sharing

Monetize your existing content library and intellectual property. clonetwin delivers exactly the content fans desire through interactive conversations. Your virtual companion will provide images and videos, both on demand and through unprompted recommendations.

Accurate Fulfillment

Our semantic content search algorithm can pinpoint exactly the content your fans ask for, from massive libraries.

Fully Automatic

AI handles all aspects of content tagging and preparation for your companion, no human involvement required.

I would love to see you in a red bikini on the beach right now...
I’ve got just the picture for you! It’s one of my favorites, I’m wearing a skimpy two piece 😉
You’re amazing... Do you have any vids of you playing with those...
I don’t usually send these, but just for you, here’s a special video ❤️
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🔥 See for $10.99 🔥


Best in class features

Our technologically superior AI companions set a standard in voice-to-voice interaction, nuanced and longterm relationships, and swift onboarding.

Speech recognition with voice output

With only a few minutes of audio, we can create a hyper-realistic clone of your voice for your AI companion. In turn, users can interact with this companion using their voice.

Long-term & adaptive personality

Our AI companions are multi-dimensional, capable of adult, intimate, and platonic dialogue. Companions cultivate ongoing relationships with fans by remembering what they said in the past.

Import content from anywhere

Seamlessly import your content from platforms like OnlyFans, Drive, and Dropbox. We can have your AI companion ready in a matter of minutes, no matter where your content is stored.


Open for partnerships

Contact us for API access, affiliate program, or to discuss a partnership.

Traffic generation

Leverage our AI chat to efficiently attract and engage users for your dating sites or paywalls, ensuring high conversions at an affordable cost.

Dating sites

Immediately replace underperforming outsourced chat agencies to our AI chat, ensuring higher user engagement at a significantly lower cost.

Model agencies & cam sites

Employ our AI to cross-sell your performer's unique content and personalities, unlocking a new, low-effort passive income stream.

Affiliate program

We offer a generous revenue share affiliate program for all our B2C and B2B products.

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